We at GiftAbled aim to assist your workforce find some meaning. We strive to be your means to a beautiful end and create a sensitive workforce by inculcating the values of Diversity and Inclusion.


The new-age workforce is looking for meaning in everyday life. What better than to help them find that.

  • Train to Deploy to build skilled candidate pipeline (Can be executed under CSR)
  • Job Mapping
  • Shortlisting of relevant profiles of Persons with Disability*
  • Set up Interview round


We provide a high quality, job relevant training program for People with Disabilities. The training is in tech and in non-tech domain. In Information Technology we run courses Digital Marketing, Python- AWS, Java, Tally, Cyber security and Machine learning. In Non tech domain we run courses on BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) sector, BPO and advanced excel. Apart from this we prepare students for competitive exams where Persons with Disabilities will join in public sector jobs such as Banking, SSC and Railway recruitments etc.


Audit of Policies and Practices

–   Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

–   Data Collection of Employees with Disabilities

–   Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Process

–   Grievance Redressal Policy and Process

–   Emergency Preparedness

–    HR Processes (Recruitment, Induction, Training, Career Development)

–    Other Related Policies (Travel, Transport, Leave, Facility, IT)

–    Accessibility Audit (1 physical site and 1 digital platform)

Retainer Services

We will be available for any advisory support in addressing issues related to employment or services to people with disabilities. GiftAbled will be an extended arm of the Diversity team.

–   Need based advice/review/support on any policy/initiative/challenges faced in the inclusion journey

–   Sensitisation/training/Employee Engagement for different target groups (10 virtual training/ workshops annually)**

–   Review of any communications related to disability for ensuring its appropriateness

–   Sharing any legal updates, knowledge and support to the Diversity Team

–   Information about Conferences, Seminars, Awards, etc.

–   Placement post on

–   Facilitate hiring of Persons with Disabilities**

–   5% Discount on Inclusive Procurement**

–   10 hours of Sign Language Interpretation Services

As per corporate research study did by NCPEDP

  • Percentage of employees with disabilities in the public sector: 0.54%
  • Percentage of employees with disabilities in the private sector: 0.28%
  • Percentage of employees with disabilities in the Multinationals: 0.05%