Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

This course help you become an expert in object-oriented programming and web development.


60 Hours (Virtual)


Marketing and sales management deal with an understanding of customer
needs. It includes the response to them through the development, production, and sales of goods and services and the impact on customers; needs following the strategic purposes of the organization.

Strategic plans for reaching, engaging, and converting target prospects into profitable customers. How to guide Marketing and Sales in the daily activities, helping them clarify shared objectives and how to achieve them. Sharing of accurate data, Accumulation of data from market, resources, communication, process, accountability, reporting processes. A sales process is a set of important steps that your sales team can follow to complete a sales cycle like


    •  Prospecting
    •  Qualifying
    •  Research
    •  Pitching
    •  Objection handling
    •  Closing
    •  Nurturing and continuing to sell


There are no qualification criteria for taking training on Sales & marketing except that the person should have a flair to go out and meet people and do a bit of talking.

Who should join?

Graduates (or pursuing Graduation) with Disabilities can join the course.

Application process

1: Applicants can apply for the courses using the link provided in the course description..

2: Ensure to fill the forms with detailed information.

3:  Documents such as education qualification and disability certificate will be required during the time of application.

4:  Selection of students will be done on the basis of entrance tests and interviews.


Course calendar

    1. Start Date : 16th Jan,2023.
    2. Pre Entrance and Personal Interview: 28th December 2022
    3. Class Room Training

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