Our Trustees

Our Trustees

Prarthana Prateek Kaul is Co-Founder of GiftAbled

Prarthana Kaul

Co-Founder and Managing Trustee

Mrs. Prarthana Prateek Kaul is Co-Founder of GiftAbled, an award winning socialenterprise that strives to create an ecosystem of like-minded individuals to collectively buildan inclusive society. Supported Livelihood of 1000s of People with Disability and theunderprivileged across India through Supply Chain Diversity. Prior to GiftAbled, Prarthanaworked with IBM and iVolunteer. She is a cause marketer, motivational trainer, aninfluencer and has been a consultant in the space of disability inclusion to manymultinational organisations. Prarthana, has conducted numerous sensitisation workshopson evolving as Disability Confident company, Sign language, Braille, VolunteerManagement and Employee engagement across India. She has engaged with 10,000 plusvolunteers and 100s of Non-Profits across the country on various causes.

Additionally, shehas been invited by reputed institutes like IIT Chennai, TISS Mumbai and Hyderabad,NMIMS, IIM Bangalore, Christ University etc, to speak on Inclusion of People withDisabilities and Volunteering. Her efforts and contribution towards the empowerment ofPeople with Disabilities, has won her various awards and accolades, including: SocialEntrepreneur of the Year by Namma Bengaluru Foundation (2016), Community ServiceAward by Rotary Bangalore Centennial (2017), Best Social Entrepreneur Award by Hand inHand (2018), Top 3 social enterprise in the country by IIM Calcutta Innovation Park as partof Tata Social Enterprise Challenge. She has also served as a Board Member of non-profitentities like Om Ashram and was a life skill trainer for students of Cheshire Home.Prarthana has led various workshops for Corporates to embrace Diversity and promoteInclusion. Few of the organizations are Accenture, All State, Akamai Technologies,Capgemini, Cisco, Fujitsu, Intel, Intuit, JP Morgan, LinkedIn, McAfee, Microsoft, PublicisSapient, Shell, Vijaya Bank, UBS to name a few.

Prateek Kaul

Co-Founder and Trustee

Prateek Kaul is Supplier Diversity and Accessibility Evangelist. He is co-founder of GiftAbled, a leading social enterprise in the space of Disability & Inclusion. The focus of his work in recent years has been around livelihood sustenance of People with Disability – engagement of millions of People with Disability productively through self-employment. Prateek believes that empowering the physically and the intellectually challenged to work from their own sheltered environment, irrespective of an urban or rural setting is the way to achieve economic inclusion. GiftAbled, shares and supports best practices in corporate houses to implement Inclusive procurement.

The other area of interest is providing a platform to Organizations to become Accessible – in terms of Products, Infrastructure and services provided via Website/App. This is not only to meet compliance standards but, most importantly, to reach out to millions of potential customers, candidates, suppliers, employees who stand for Inclusion.Prateek has varied corporate experience of decade and a half and has worked in Idea Cellular, Tech Mahindra, Birlasoft and Target India. He has been a volunteer supporting various causes for more than a decade. He pursues a vision of a world evolving in to an Inclusive one.His efforts and contribution towards the empowerment of People with Disabilities, has won him various awards and accolades, including:

• Prateek is India Inclusion Fellow, IIS 2017
• Recognized by Hand in Hand with Best Social Entrepreneur Award, 2018
• Recognized by IIM Calcutta for Tata Social Enterprise Challenge as Top 3 social enterprise in the country
Prateek Kaul Co-Founder and Trustee
Ravi Valdiya Trustee

Ravi Valdiya


“Ravi Valdiya is a freelance Photographer with an engineering education and experience of more than a decade in the corporate sector. During his job, he started volunteering for various causes with different NGOs in Bangalore. At that time, Ravi realized the effectiveness of photography to raise social awareness and thus started using his hobby of Photography to capture stories conveying social issues.

At Present Ravi has volunteering experience close to 12 years with around 15+ organisations working for different causes. Ravi is also a Photography trainer and has been conducting Photography workshops for students with Hearing Impairment, He is also one of the trainers at Eka educational and charitable trust teaching photography to the kids with learning and developmental delays.”