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Job Description

  • your understanding of the business context, systems, environment, strategy and people aligned to the given area.  This also includes an understanding of the relevant internal and external high-volume data sources, validity and domains of such data to align with the intended business objective.    You will conduct data acquisition from multiple data sources and wrangle data sets selecting appropriate techniques, such as parsing, or an algorithm, to create a data structure relevant to the problem.  This can include but not limited to techniques such as ETL batch processing, streaming ingestion, scrapers, APIs and crawlers.  NOTE:  adjust here based on your teams process of identifying DS project scope.  Could also be the case, for example, “After receiving an explorative brief, you will build your understanding of the business context, systems, environment, strategy and people to convert it into a valued deliverable.”
  • Data preparation:  You will create required data set(s) utilizing your understanding of complex business problems, data formats, applicability of the data to the problem and standard modelling techniques.  You can perform techniques to validate the quality of the data, and can fuse data from various sources using knowledge of data pre-processing techniques.

Modelling:  For the intended business objective, you can utilize advanced modelling techniques, such as predictive modelling, advanced clustering, association rules, to create a model or models that perform to particular requirements and specifications. You are able to anticipate how a model’s requirements or the available data, might change over time and be able to design a product that will be able to cope with these requirements.

  • Test & validate the model:  You are able to apply best practice model fit testing, tuning and validation techniques, such as chi square, ROC curve, root mean square error, to assess model performance, compare results from various methodologies and suggest improvements.  You both give and seek feedback and ideas with others from across differing business areas, as relevant, to create better products and continually advance your data science skills. 
  • Communication of insights:  You are able to design rich data visualisations and use them to communicate complex messages to business leaders  in a clear and simple way, with the ability to respond effectively to challenges.   

In the role, you will 

Work in a stimulating and supportive environment; Be part of a dynamic, growing community of data analysts and data scientists at; Have career-long access to our Data Academy – a dedicated, tailored learning programme that blends your on-the-job learning with targeted coaching, peer-to-peer mentoring, expert-led workshops and a network of learning providers; Work on high impact strategic priorities;  varied data-sets to tackle analytics challenges; Be at the forefront of  data and analytics transformation

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