Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in HEI’s

Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in HEI’s

GiftAbled acknowledges the fact that unless we have a steady pipeline of high quality talent passing from Higher Education Institutes the low percentage of employees with disabilities in Corporate sector will not increase.

Completing degree or diploma course is a gateway for financial inclusion and to a higher quality of life. As per the generally accepted figures less than 1% of People with Disabilities in India complete their college education. This is primarily due to gaps in education system which even UGC is trying to address.

Web accessibility is mandated by UGC and comes under ‘Institutional values and Best practices’ criteria of NAAC assessment/ review as well, thereby helping institutes get accreditation and good ratings.”

GiftAbled equips Universities and Colleges with multitude of offerings to truly become Inclusive. To create a disabled friendly environment following services are provided:

  1. Classroom Inclusion – Staff/ Student Sensitisation etc
  2. Resource Accessibility – Study Material etc
  3. Physical & Digital Accessibility
  4. Test (Digital/ Tech) Accommodations
  5. Placement Services
  6. Training & Development/ Upskilling

In first 6 months of 2022 more than 20 Universities & Colleges have availed our services. Our goal is to make 100 Universities/ Colleges inclusive by end of 2022.

Institutes of higher learning have a responsibility to ensure India becomes a powerhouse of talent and students with disabilities are not excluded. GiftAbled believes in 21st century there are enough possibilities for organised sector to tap in to potential of Persons with Disabilities. It is incumbent on our educational ecosystem to deliver on this vision.