Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the fastest growing technology which is used for storing and managing data on remote servers

Duration: 140 Hours (Virtual)


This program caters to People with Disabilities who are hoping to enter the world of Cloud Computing or want to update their skills, as it is designed and structured to accommodate various professional backgrounds. Cloud Computing is the fastest growing technology and is widely used by global companies for storing and managing their organizational data on remote servers. Learners will learn to design and deploy highly scalable, fault-tolerant applications and develop skills to transform themselves into a Cloud professional. Our Cloud Computing Online Course Syllabus is framed for the aspirants to have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of cloud computing processes. It covers the definition of cloud computing, categorization of cloud services, cloud solution drivers, cloud security handling, business demand facing, software solution deployment, and web applications, and evaluating the cloud computing architecture in the companies.


Who Should Enroll in this Program?

People with Disabilities in the following roles and disciplines are ideal for this course: 

1.Disabled graduates who intend to take the plunge into the Cloud job market or Disabled Professionals with any number of years of experience working in either technical or non-technical job roles and wish to build successful careers in the Cloud world.

2. People with Disability working in the following roles will benefit the most from this Program- architects Programmers, Cloud developers, Cloud software engineers and DevOps professionals.



This course is accessible for all kind of People with Disabilities. Having Indian Sign Language Interpreter if required.

Scope of Cloud Computing Online Course

 The learning Cloud Computing Online Course will help the People with Disabilities to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to back up and restore data, how to improve collaboration over clouds, how to access cloud services efficiently, how to manage low-cost maintenance for cloud services, how to check the mobility of clouds, how to utilize unlimited cloud storage capacity, how to use the pay-per-use facility, and how to manage data security over clouds. Learn the best Online Cloud Computing Course with Placement Assistance. Following are the reasons to prove the launch of a career in the cloud computing field brings a promising future for you.

  • Cloud computing is trusted by companies for secured data storage and transactions.
  • Reduced cost compared to spending on a physical server for storing organizational data.
  • Excellent accessibility irrespective of geographic locations with easy collaborations.
  • More efficiency as it can be handled by a minimum number of cloud experts.

Job opportunities of learning this course:

 Top companies are hiring professionals for various cloud related jobs and their clients. Popularity of this course is increasing as it is adopted by global business platform and is beneficial for business operations.

 After course completion Learners can work into following roles:

  1.  Cloud System Administrator
  2.  Cloud Developer
  3.  Cloud Architect
  4.  Cloud Security Professionals
  5.  Cloud Network Professionals
  6.  Cloud Automation Engineer
  7.  Cloud Product Manager
  8.  Cloud Access Security Broker
  9.  Cloud Sales Manager

How To Apply

  1. Applicants can apply for the courses using the link provided in the course description.
  2. Ensure to fill the forms with detailed information.
  3. Documents such as education qualification and disability certificate will be required during the time of application.
  4. Selection of students would be done on the basis of entrance test and interview.


Application process

Step-1: Submit your online application form.

Step-2:  Pre-entrance test (conducted online)

Step-3:  Personal Interview (conducted online)


The total fees are INR 1,000/- (Before commencement of the training program).


Course calendar

  1. Pre-entrance & Personal Interview: 2nd Feb 2023
  2. Course commencing: 7th February 2023
  3. Course time: Monday to Friday (2 hours every day)
  4. Platform: Zoom.